At PSA, we believe in developing our people to their fullest potential. We value diversity and provide development, learning and career opportunities across the globe. PSA’s shared vision, common goals, along with our FISH common language and culture, align our people across business units globally to enable effective collaboration as One PSA.

To achieve sustainable business performance and success, we continued to roll out organisational development (OD) and learning initiatives across 2022 to grow our leadership capabilities, strengthen our corporate culture and enhance the well-being and development of our people.

Developing Global Leaders And Talents 

Short-Term International Development Experience (STRIDE)
PSA’s STRIDE program is designed to cultivate a global mindset and expand the skill sets of talents by exposing them to varied work experiences across different business functions and cultural settings. Faced with travel restrictions during the pandemic, we successfully introduced Virtual STRIDE, which enabled the development of our talents to remain on track.

PSA Horizons Development (PHD) Program
A collaborative effort between Group Human Resources (Group HR) and PSA University (PSAU), the PHD Program is our cornerstone executive development program and features carefully curated content that spans different disciplines, functions and regions, to develop participants across a broad spectrum of business areas. The engaging two-part program comprises a self-learning phase, which is conducted in hybrid format using lectures, question-and-answer segments, virtual learning modules and peer learning; and an in-person segment, where participants gather in Singapore to network as well as share ideas and perspectives with senior leaders, subject matter experts and fellow participants.

Talent Tech 4.0
The Talent Tech 4.0 platform was launched to empower employees to take greater ownership in their skills and career development. Powered by AI and machine learning, the platform provides recommendations for staff based on their learning and development aspirations. To build connections and harness diversity across the organisation, the system facilitates mini projects and enables talents to seek out mentors to catalyse their learning and development.

Instilling A Strong Culture 

We continued to nurture and reinforce our FISH culture across our organisation, with efforts reaching business units in Saudi Arabia, India, USA, Belgium, the Asia Pacific, and more. We also continued to develop a strong Leaders and Coaching culture through our Leaderfish+ and Tao of Coaching signature programs. Amongst the many signature programs, which were fully developed and facilitated in-house, and infused with FISH principles, were: Jellyfish Change Management, Catfish Innovation, Kingfisher Presentation and Communication, Greenfish Sustainability and Fish Recharge, which focused on mental health and wellness, progressive work practices and flexible work arrangements.

PSA Amongst World’s Best Employers 

PSA was honoured to be recognised as being amongst Forbes’ World’s Best Employers, as well as Singapore’s Best Employers and Singapore’s Leading Graduate Employers in 2022. These accolades reinforce PSA’s commitment and efforts to strive for excellence as we continue to develop our people practices, our learning and development programs, and a great culture and work environment. We will also continue to engage closely with young talents and jobseeker communities through social media and partnerships with Institutes of Higher Learning.

Listening To Our Employees 

In our most recent Employee Opinion Poll (EOP), a vast majority of employees globally rated PSA a great place to work. Robust positive responses were also received for our strong leadership, as well as championing of a global mindset and innovation culture.

FISH was voted the best corporate initiative, reflecting the deep impact of and support for PSA’s unique culture – the secret sauce that underpins PSA’s competitive edge and binds the PSA family globally.

As we continue to transform our core business and venture into new horizons, these insights will enable us to develop effective strategies to gain agility, competitive advantage and pursue sustainable growth into the future.

Everyone for Each Other, Everyone for the Business.

Taking flight

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