Chess is a game of strategy where every piece has a different role but lends itself to a common purpose. At PSA, every individual is important, and we recognise the contributions and efforts of our diverse workforce in working alongside as one towards a common goal. At PSA, our staff continue to be developed and given opportunities to reach their potential and propel our organisation forward. We believe that a strong corporate culture of mutual support, camaraderie and trust underpins our ability to align, engage and stretch our people to prevail in every game played out in the competitive marketplace.


At PSA, we believe a strong organisational culture is a key component in forging common identity and language and in creating a sense of camaraderie across PSA’s business units and affiliates globally. With the FISH! and FISH+ principles (Make Their Day, Choose Your Attitude, Be There, Play, Stretch, Support, Self-Discipline, and Trust) as our guide, we co-create a culture of shared purpose and high performance. As we battled through two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, we see the unshakable resilience of our people, working in close partnerships with our labour unions to adapt and overcome pandemic and post-pandemic challenges.


PSA Organisation Development (OD) is the driver of all global initiatives and programmes promoting the corporate culture, some of which are elaborated below. We introduced the term “Global OD Movement” to reflect the perennial role of OD in constantly shaping culture, establishing a shared identity, and instilling pride in One PSA.


FINS (FISH! Introductory Session) was launched just in time to introduce and onboard new business units into the FISH! culture. The workshop, targeted at business leaders and key change agents, serves to impart the essence of FISH!, which is “everyone for each other” and “everyone for the business”. The programme has been launched to PSA entities in India, Saudi Arabia, Peru and the United States to great success.


In 2021, we launched Rabbitfish, an in-house workshop on facilitation skills for senior leaders, change agents and OD/HR practitioners. This training aims to impart a set of facilitation skills which is highly versatile and can be used to guide, encourage, and manage meetings and team relationships.

Kingfisher, a new signature programme on presentation skills was developed to build confidence in our leaders to deliver compelling presentations and speeches, and help them to convey ideas more clearly and convincingly. To that end, the S.P.O.T. framework, which stands for “Story”, “Pitch”, “Optics” and “Target”, provides the handrails for developing a more persuasive presentation.

A five-part “Better People Manager Series” was also cascaded globally to help our leaders improve their leadership and managerial skills and create a better Smell of the Place. Topics covered include providing career guidance to employees and acknowledging employee opinions and feedback.


The biennial Employee Opinion Poll (EOP) in 2021 to measure organisational wellness and employee engagement was our first after two disruptive years of COVID-19. Participation rate was high at above 90% across our global family – a sign that staff remained engaged despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. We also observed heartening support for PSA’s direction in managing of the pandemic. As we venture into new horizons, these EOP results will allow us to identify potential areas of improvement and create an antifragile PSA that is ready for future challenges.