Learning is integral for our people to build the skills and capabilities needed in today’s constantly changing world. In 2022, PSA pushed on to encourage a strong learning culture among our employees and uplift organisational capabilities by enhancing value in its learning franchise, PSA University (PSAU).

A prime example of this strategic focus was the launch of PSAU’s inaugural ‘PSA Global Learning Carnival’. Co-organised by PSAU’s Singapore and Antwerp campuses, the five-day virtual event ignited curiosity and passion for self-directed learning across the Group. The 1,500 staff who attended gained insights into diverse topics, ranging from learning mindset new technologies to sustainable practices. The carnival featured live webinars led by world-renowned speakers and experts, collaborative learning opportunities, self-learning resources such as e-learning, videos and podcasts, and experiential learning with virtual games and other activities.

Resuming In-Person Training 

As COVID-19 pandemic restrictions eased around the world, we resumed our in-person training in a safe and calibrated manner. Some 60,000 training places were created by PSAU to meet training needs and gear up for the future.

In-person training sessions were prioritised for two key in-house programs:

  • ADAPT (Acquiring Data Analytics Proficiency Through Training), to equip staff with advanced data analytics skills; and
  • IMPACT (Imparting Process Automation Competency Training), focused on developing advanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities.

To speed up RPA adoption, we also organised an RPA Bootcamp to equip users – particularly users from non-technical backgrounds – with foundational skills to build RPA solutions for automating simple work processes. 

Expanding Supply Chain Solution Capabilities 

During the year, we stepped up relevant training to equip staff with a deeper appreciation of emerging supply chain opportunities.

Initiatives included a two-day ‘Wintercamp on Cargo Solutions’ virtual training event which was attended by over 650 employees. Jointly organised by PSAU’s Singapore and Antwerp Campuses, the event featured a myriad of topics, delivered by internal and external industry speakers, to provide valuable insights into the future of supply chains and PSA’s ventures in cargo solutions.

PSAU also developed a Cargo Solutions foundational e-learning program to provide staff with a comprehensive overview, and align their understanding, of the cargo solutions business.

A key focus of PSAU was the roll-out of training to staff to effectively support operations at PSA’s Tuas Port, which features world-class technologies to support the port’s provision of supply chain services.

Technology And Data Management 

With the increasing adoption of technology at our workplace, PSA developed the Operational Technology Security e-learning program to raise staff awareness on safeguarding our operational systems. This was launched globally during PSA’s Cybersecurity Day 2022.

To reinforce cybersecurity vigilance, we provided training to staff on how to identify and handle phishing emails. PSAU also developed a Cardinalfish Personal Data Protection e-learning program to equip staff with knowledge of the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act and ensuring proper safeguarding and handling of personal data.

As digitalisation and digitisation are key strategies supporting the PSA Group’s business transformation, PSA implemented the Global Data and Technology Competency Framework as a guide for our in-house IT, data and technology professionals to advance their knowledge and capabilities.

Learning In A Digital Economy 

PSAU continues to work with PSA business units and relevant functional experts to create and develop training content, such as leadership, business and safety knowledge courses. These are now converted into virtual formats so that employees can access and acquire new knowledge, skills and capabilities online and on demand, anytime and anywhere, to ensure their development keeps pace with global industry changes.

Amidst a rapidly evolving business landscape, PSA will continue to collaborate alongside our stakeholders – both internally and externally – to develop our people, expand our value pools, and build an agile and resilient workforce.

Taking flight

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