Over the last few years, PSA University (PSAU), the global training arm of PSA, has worked closely with stakeholders to roll out new programmes and convert existing ones to online virtual sessions and on-demand courses. This has enabled the continuing development of PSA’s employees and ensured that there is no let up on building new capabilities to support the Group’s business transformation across the horizons and enable it to emerge stronger in the post-pandemic world.

More than 60,000 online training placements were created as learning transformation continued in 2021.

Together with Data for Excellence and Group Technology, PSAU rolled out training on data analytics and Robotic Process Automation with programmes tailored to users’ varying needs. These include ADAPT (Acquiring Data Analytics Proficiency Through Training), IMPACT (IMparting Process Automation Competency Training), Razorfish and Power BI e-learning.

In collaboration with Group Climate Response and Command (CRC), PSAU launched the Greenfish Climate Change e-learning to drive home the imperative for us to take action now to counter the adverse effects of climate change. PSA will continue to cascade the e-learning and introduce more initiatives to create greater awareness on green issues and contribute to the building of a more sustainable future.

Together with Group Human Resource, PSAU also re-launched the PSA Horizons Development (PHD) programme, PSA’s in-house global apex leadership development initiative, to provide leaders with broad-based exposure and development to lead across businesses and functions.

In anticipation of further stabilisation of the COVID-19 situation and the return to greater normalcy, PSAU will look to progressively resume in-person training in a safe and calibrated manner.

Even as the pandemic situation improves, we continue to see learning taking place in various online and hybrid formats. These digital forms of learning usually require more self-direction and place the onus on the part of the learner. In this regard, PSAU will be looking at rolling out more initiatives to promote the learning culture within the organisation with a view towards greater individual ownership.


The rate of change has been and will continue to be unrelenting.

PSAU is working with its various stakeholders in support of PSA’s business transformation and to prepare our employees for the future.

Our in-house signature programme, Jellyfish, has been converted to e-learning format to supplement the in-person and virtually facilitated versions. The programme aims to better equip our leaders to deal with the constant change and to build support amongst their teams.

Given the increased inter-connectivity of our operating systems, PSAU has collaborated with Group IT to develop e-learning on Operational Technology Security which will be rolled out to our global operations and engineering staff handling IoT systems.

PSAU has also teamed up with Group Technology to develop programmes to drive greater understanding and adoption of Robotic Process Automation in our daily tasks so that we can work better, faster and smarter as an organisation. The e-learning will be made available in the second quarter of 2022.

With PSA fast expanding into the cargo solutions and supply chain space, PSAU is stepping up its efforts in developing relevant training to better equip our staff in support of these newer business directions.

The respective PSAU campuses in Singapore and Antwerp will also continue to support their business operations, for example in rolling out training for personnel working at the new Tuas port in Singapore which commenced operations recently.

To protect our learning franchise, our intellectual property and other proprietary information assets, Group Learning also introduced the Global Learning Governance policy in 2021. The policy serves to safeguard all learning content developed in-house by the PSA Group and our business units and provide clarity on the terms of use.

PSAU will continue to uplift the organisation’s global capabilities and enhance the value of our learning franchise as we forge ahead to realise our vision of being a leader in supply chain orchestration and building a more sustainable future.