PSA’s Global COVID-19 Response Task Force (GCRTF) carried on its work in 2021 to coordinate Group-wide efforts to bolster our response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. GCRTF is guided by two fundamental principles: our Call to Action and Call to Mission. Our ‘Call to Action’ encourages us to remain vigilant to upkeep personal and operational safety. Vaccinations and booster shots form a key part of this pillar, with a high proportion of our staff now vaccinated against the virus. The second principle is our ‘Call to Mission’, where we contribute to the seamless movement of goods by working in close collaboration with our customers, partners and supply chain stakeholders; and offering innovative solutions that provide better interconnectivity, visibility and resilience.


In 2021, the prolonged pandemic as well as stresses brought about by the uncertainties caused the spotlight to be cast on the mental well-being of our staff. GCRTF, in partnership with Group HR and the various business units, rolled out a series of workshops, webinars, global clips and initiatives to raise the awareness and remind staff of the need to take care of their mental health. This is in addition to ongoing efforts at the Group and local level to educate and encourage staff to stay vigilant even as the pandemic ebb and flow during the year as countries grapple with finding the right mix of safety management measures to open up their societies and economies.